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Thank you.
– Callum Tews

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Latest six of 24 Live Lerts - for NZ

7 Dec 2019
*Lert* Src= MetServ 21:01
RAIN WARNING: 8pm Sat to 9pm Sun. 140mm on ranges, less elsewhere. Poss torrential rain in T/S More Info
 +13:24 hrs
[Wgtn, Kapiti, Tararua, Wairarapa]
7 Dec 2019
*Lert* Src= MetServ 20:57
RAIN WARNING: 8pm Sat to 9pm Sun. 150mm on Mountain, less elsewhere. Poss torrential rain in T/S More Info
 +13:21 hrs
[Taranaki (Reg)]
7 Dec 2019
*Lert* Src= MetServ 13:24
RAIN WARNING: 1am to 11am Sunday, poss further 100mm in ranges 60mm near coast. More Info
 +3:48 hrs
[Westland S of Otira]
7 Dec 2019
*Lert* Src= MetServ 12:41
RAIN WATCH: 2am to 8am Sunday Rain may reach warning levels. More Info
 +5:04 hrs
[Queenstown Lakes]
7 Dec 2019
*Lert* Src= MetServ 12:40
RAIN WATCH: 2am to 11am Sunday. Thundery rain main divide and 15km E More Info
 +5:03 hrs
[Canty Lakes and river catchment]
7 Dec 2019
*Lert* Src= MetServ 12:36
RAIN WATCH: 7am Sun to 3pm Sun. May approach warning levels in T/S More Info
 +5:59 hrs
[NW Nelson and Richmond Ranges]

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